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Old-fashioned chimneys were not designed to vent modern heating applications. Besides, no chimney lasts forever. Read more to find out about what is going on in your chimney.


Why is my chimney breaking down?
The primary culprit in chimney breakdown is the acidic moisture that comes from condense flue gases. This acidic moisture attacks the chimney from the inside.

That is why a chimney may look good on the outside, but the inside can be a totally different story! Years of normal use with hot and cold cycles and seasonal weather conditions all take their toll on a chimney.

Where does the moisture come from?
Did you know, that for every cubic foot of gas burned, two cubic feet of water capor is create? That is a lot of water! How can this water vapor affect your chimney?

Water vapor always travels up your chimney – it is only when flue gases drop to 120F, that condensation begins. When water vapor condenses, ‘rain clouds’ form, and it literally rains in your chimney! Countless drops of acidic moisture soak the flue.

The Forever Flex Solution

Forever Flex chimney liner is the ultimate solution to the problems that plague most chimneys. Modern stainless steel walls provide an airtight and watertight barrier that seals in gases and creosote.

The EverGuard Forever liner is made of 100% 316i stainless steel. High quality stainless steel combined with Titanium creates an alloy to withstand the acidic moisture and extreme temperature fluctuations inside your chimney. Forever Flex will even contain a chimney fire!


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